And the Red Sox Closer Will Be…None of the Options I Listed Yesterday!

– Shane Carley –

Yes, the Red Sox have named a closer to fill in for the first few months of the season. Until the U.S.S. Andrew Bailey can finally get out of drydock, your 2012 Boston Red Sox closer will be…Alfredo Aceves.

I know, Alfredo. I'm surprised, too.

Truth be told, I didn’t think Aceves would enter the mix (obviously, as I didn’t even include him in my rundown of candidates). His value as both a spot starter and long reliever (he was magic in 2011, often pitching 3 or 4 innings per outing, saving the Sox from overusing the bullpen during Lackey’s starts) is huge, and shoehorning him into a single, rigidly defined role is confusing to me.  With two new starters in Bard and Doubront, a good long reliever would be a very valuable thing for the Red Sox to have early on in the year. Additionally, Aceves has only pitched in 8 save opportunities in his entire career, which doesn’t exactly make him an obvious pick over Melancon or even Morales, both of whom have more experience in the role.

There is the possibility that Aceves has been given the closer role to placate him after he was demonstrably pissed off at being passed over for a spot in the rotation. If that is the case, God help Bobby V.  If he feels beholden to the players he is managing this early in the season, Beer and Chicken 2: Electric Boogaloo might not be far off.

Or maybe Bobby V just felt that Aceves gave the Sox the best chance to win. He’s a very solid pitcher who has more than earned a chance at some prestige. I like it better than I would have liked taking Bard out of the rotation, and, hey, leave it to Bobby V to troll me in my very own column.

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