Bruins Vs. Capitals Matchup is Set, Puck Drops Thursday

By Ryan Whitfield

      In the dwindling moments of the 2012 season Washington surged to steal the 7 seed from the Sens. What this means is the B’s will now face the Caps (3-1-0 against the Bruins this year) instead of the Senators who the bruins were 5-1-0 against. Though the regular season is not an indicator of what will happen in the post-season, the combination of the record and star power of Washington gives you more concern than with Ottawa. However, the Bruins should and will win this series in no more than 6. The Caps best defensemen are Green and Wideman, both turnover liabilities. The Bruins will out play these guys physically, and the Caps have struggled this year. And don’t forget how many times these guys came in as favorites for the Cup only to exit in the first round. Add in the instability at goalie, and the Bruins should dominate despite facing the likes of Ovechkin, Semin and Backstrom. The Key is the Bruins need to come out firing and take the first two on home ice. The quest to repeat starts on Thursday, I couldn’t be more excited.

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