Kelly Slays The Cap’s in OT, Bruins lead series 1-0

By Ryan Whitfield

    What a way to start off the post season. It feels like last year all over again. You have to tip your cap to Holtby and the Caps. They really brought it tonight and played a great game. In fact I think they played the best they could, and it wasn’t enough. With a win like this I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bruins sweep or win in 5 now. The Bruins struggled to score all night including in a second period with 4+ minutes on the PP and out shooting Washington 17-2. In the third period the Caps more than doubled their total shots in the game, and the Bruins were sloppy and TO machines like the whole team took some Joe Corvo pills. But the resurgence of Tim Thomas occurred. Diving for lose pucks, making poke checks, and showing the same post to post lateral movement from last year to save the Bruins and send it to OT. In OT Johanson broke one on one and Thomas made a good kick save. Corvo scooped the puck shut it up the right side boards to Rolston who then dropped it to Polliout through the middle. Benoit shot it up to Chris Kelly who had a step on an out of position Wideman, ah justice, and kelly took it down the left side and blasted a slap shot to beat Holtby for the game winner. What a game, what a night. Game 2 is a chance for a statement. The Bruins need to come out and blow the doors off of Washington after stealing game 1. If they do that this series is done! Follow us on twitter @rescuemusicent. Game 2 is at the Garden on Saturday at 3:00.

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