Bruins Lead Caps 2-1, Consider The Bear Poked

By Ryan Whitfield

     This is not some Homer blog article about how big, bad and tough the Bruins are. As Mike Felger would say, this is fact not opinion. It has been proven that teams that go after the Bruins with a taunting disrespectful attitude get theirs in the end. Ask Burroughs and Lapierre from Vancouver. When Alzner attacked Lucic the other night as the fourth man in he had to know he was going to have to answer for it, and Lucic attacked him. But now the Alzner immediately rubbed his eye taunting Lucic and calling him a cry baby he will pay for it Game 4. The Bruins on Monday battled back from down 1-0, 2-1 and re took the lead late by a Chara slap shot after coughing up a 3-2 lead. Thomas had a few weak pucks go through but overall he’s been fantastic. The big story is the Alzner situation and Backstrom Cross Checking Peverely at the end of the game receiving a match penalty and will not play tomorrow night. The Bruins played an uninspired Game 1 and 2. But now, the Bruins will be engaged and with Backstrom gone should take games 4 & 5. The Cap’s have Poked The Bear, or awoken the Sleeping Giant. Whatever phrase you want to use this series should now look like real playoff hockey. A win in Game 4 will set the Bruins up to just end this in 5. Time to put Washington away.

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