Do or Die, The Bruins Trail The Caps 3-2 with Series Heading Back To Washington Tomorrow

By Ryan Whitfield

    This time tomorrow the Bruins season could be over. They have backed themselves into back to back must win games now after dropping Game 5 at the Garden this afternoon. After battling back from a 2-0 and 3-2 deficits the Bruins gave up a goal on a power play after a questionable slashing call on Polliout. Regardless, this is a team the Bruins should not lose to. They have shown us over the past years they are a resilient bunch and well have to go again in game’s 6 & 7. They need to come out physical and play tough in front of Holtby. I won’t give up faith until they are down in the third, but they need to come out firing tomorrow at 3PM. I’d hate to see them lose in the first round after winning the cup last year but thats the reality of this situation. The Bruins need to take advantage of all of the rebounds Holtby gives up and take it to Washington tomorrow. A big win should give them enough momentum to finish the job in Game 7 and start over fresh in Round 2. It’s all on the line tomorrow and with injuries to Corvo and Bergeron we could be missing one if not both of them tomorrow. Time to man up, or pull out the golf clubs. Follow the game along with us on twitter tomorrow @rescuemusicent.

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