Why Settle for Just a D When there is a DD?

I’ll be honest here: Piranha 3D was bad. But at the same time, Piranha 3D was awesome. A remake of a spoof, a comedy-horror, and filled with obscene things. I think that is the only thing that can describe why I feel this way about the movie.  It was the story of a spring break town where people came in hoards to party. However, during this one dreadful year, the piranhas from deep beneath the lake break free and wreak havoc on the town. It’s a stupid idea, obviously, but damn if that movie wasn’t a fun time! Sure, the movie was converted into 3D and it looked awful, sure the writing sucked, and sure the plot was stupid, but just look at the premise of the film! It is all there.

Now, however, we delve deeper into this riveting story line with Piranha 3DD, pronounced double d for those who did not know. The piranha have moved away from the lake. Forget the lake when they can invade, wait for it, a water park. This idea sounds even crazier and more ridiculous than the first, but who cares? These movie is for the sheer fun of it. They both are. Don’t go into it looking for a good script, or acting, or anything but a blunt, obscene, 3D filled fun time. I know I’ll be there just for the laughs at how bad it is, and at the legitimate jokes that present themselves throughout Piranha 3DD. So, I say go and enjoy yourselves! If you know that this type of thing isn’t for you maybe stay away, but if you are on the edge, pay the money and go see the movie. I can guarantee that no matter how bad it is there will be a fun time out of it. Enjoy!


By Toby Gray

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