MAG Drops New Video “Haitianz”

By Ryan Whitfield


    Chillmode MAG has delivered on another insane video. MAG keeps upgrading his music and video game with each new song and video, and “Haitianz” is no exception. Staying on his grind MAG uses the beginning of the video to promote his social sites and his upcoming mixtape. The king of marketing MAG continues to push and this stunning video will only continue to push him to the top. Showing his ethnic pride this ode to Haitians and there way of life is destined to be a local hit.

    The video has MAG coming at you with his costly clothes, cars and style in general, while enlisting some of the baddest girls to appear in a local video. In particular, you have to love the gorgeous woman who is wearing nothing but a painted on Haitian flag. This is the best local video I’ve seen out this summer yet. Make sure to follow MAG on twitter @ChillModeMAG, add him on FACEBOOK, and check out the website

MAG’s RME Profile

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