Sky Man & Dunn Dillinger Release “Legendary”

By Ryan Whitfield


    Sky Man, Dunn Dillinger and Let It Drop Music do it again with this one. At first take “Legendary” seems to lack focus and a direction, but wait I swear there is genius just below the surface here. Needless to say these two again show that they are visionaries and true lyricists. But that is not what stands out in this track. Listen to the beat drops, rhythm changes, and the punctuation of words to accent the beat. This track is truly early East Coast styles mixed with the epic futuristic sounds of today. Props definitely have to go to Let It Drop for the creative beat, but Dunn and Sky bring their unique flows to this crazy beat for yet an other banger.

Sky Man & Dunn Dillinger “Legendary”

    These two play off each other so well and are huge additions to the RME team. This song will get you amped and is a great motivational song for the summer. Make sure you download your copy and check out Sky Man on Facebook and Dunn Dillinger on Facebook.

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