“Hot Potato” Mom Exploits Child in Recent Vogue Article

“Starving a 7-year-old is child abuse even when it’s cloaked in the beautiful pages of Vogue.”— Samantha Ettus; Forbeswoman What is a Hot Potato Mom? We’ve heard the term hot potato politics— where a particular issue tends to be very controversial. In this particular case— both the topic and the mother are hot potatoes. The trending … Continue reading

Feeling Blue

This Season’s Shades Won’t Leave you Feeling Blue Most of us know blue as the color intermediate between green and violet as of the sky or sea or a sunny day. Some of us know the term “blue-sky thinking” which refers to creative ideas not limited by current thoughts or beliefs. Some of us have … Continue reading

United Nude Shoes Reach New Heights

Innovation Meets Practicality United Nude has, for more than 9 years, brought innovation and architecture together in the form of shoes. With staggering new heights, seemingly floating styles and bold color combinations United Nude’s S/S 2012 collection is no different.  The label presents imaginative shoe models ranging from Japanese-adorned Geisha wedges, classic Folds and ‘Möbius’ shoes … Continue reading

Color Crash Course

Seafoam Green While seafoam has been a long-time color love affair for me, it tends to come and go like the tide on the fashion scene. Accordingly, it tends to be a slightly odd color to style and wear all the time. I’m going to give you some of my hottest picks for this super … Continue reading

Mahhh-Jor Jewelry Obsession

I recognize that this is not necessarily a designer that will appeal to the masses. But I am really loving the mix of textures and unique designs. Whether or not you would wear these is one thing but appreciating the design elements is another. With a truly distinctive style, a daring design and unique materials … Continue reading

Fabric Covered Shoes

Fabric Lovers Unite! This trend popped up a few seasons back on the runway and has made it to fast fashion stores everywhere. I.Am.THRILLED. I really love texture, fabric and both of them combined on a shoe makes for one totally easy and fantastic way to spice up ANY outfit you have. With shoes like … Continue reading

BLOCK Out Some Space in Your Closet

Color Block Trends In my honest opinion Colorblocking is one of the few trends that A) I wish was a fashion-t0-stay as opposed to a come and go trend B)  Is a great look for everyone! Why isn’t it here more often??? Color blocking is easy on the eyes, easy to match, bold, and very … Continue reading

Feel-Good Fashion: Rwanda by Design

Creative Mastermind of  Kate Spade, Deborah Lloyd turns to Rwanda for Inspiration   Lloyd finds herself power-shopping her way through the Caplaki craft market in Kigali, Rwanda. “She isn’t shopping for the sake of it–she’s doing research on a new product line that could create a road out of poverty for hundreds of Rwandan women and … Continue reading

Spring 2012 is Crazy Legs

Get Crazy with Colored Denim What do I mean? Well, it’s hard to ignore the unabashedly bright colored denim and even floral or patterned jeans making headlines in fashion as of late. This is definitely not a trend for everyone, but if you happen to find fantastically funky jeans in a flattering shape for your … Continue reading

Stripes Ahoy for Spring 2012

Stripe a Pose! It seems stripes never really exit the fashion scene but seasons pass where they have no emphasis. ‘Tis not the case for Spring 2012. Stripes are here and bolder than ever! I’d like to believe most of us have buried our fears of horizontal stripes. When paired with the right pieces both … Continue reading