Why Settle for Just a D When there is a DD?

I’ll be honest here: Piranha 3D was bad. But at the same time, Piranha 3D was awesome. A remake of a spoof, a comedy-horror, and filled with obscene things. I think that is the only thing that can describe why I feel this way about the movie.  It was the story of a spring break … Continue reading

The Hunger Games- The Odds were in it’s Favor

I never get too excited when book series get made into movies. Rarely do they actually capture the feel of the original work, and I really end up hating it. The Hunger Game, however, was different. Co-written by author Suzanne Collins, the movie definitely packed a punch worth noting. I would not say that the … Continue reading

The Descendants Transcends

The Descendants just came to my local theater, so I only recently had a chance to go see it. And boy am I glad that I did take the chance. The Descendants was incredible from the beginning due not too much to the story, but more to the amazing acting performances that were displayed. The … Continue reading

The Lorax Lacked Luster

I just want to start off and say that the message in this film is just as powerful as in Dr Seuss’ book The Lorax. As a film however, I did not think that it was that good, nor did I appreciate what it did to the original book. If you had no idea what … Continue reading

Review Of Brave Trailers

I want to mix it up this time, and try something a little bit different. I haven’t been out to the movies lately (frankly, there has been nothing I have been interested in), so I wanted to take some time to address the recent trailers that have been coming out for Pixar’s new film Brave. Brave … Continue reading

Labyrinth Review

Somehow I have been getting sucked into watching a ton of ’80s movies recently, so that’s where this review is coming from. A majority of the people that I watched it with and never seen it, and I thought it was well known by pretty much everyone. I was wrong, clearly. That led me to … Continue reading