Sky Man

Sky Man is one of the newest artists to join the Rescue Music team. With diverse and intelligent sound Sky Man brings an intense message and drive to everything he does. A New Bedford native now attending school right outside of Boston he his quickly carving his name into the local scene and continues to grow with every track and show. Working with Let It Drop Music, Sky Man has a great backing and original beats to flow on, look for Sky Man to have a big year in 2012.

Check Out Sky Man on Facebook


Sky Man @ Marathon Monday Annual Concert

Sky Man & DP @ Club XS


Freestyle 2

4 Responses to “Sky Man”
  1. Skyyyy maaan we killed that show my dude 2012 is gonna be big for us mayn. Drop house!!!!

  2. Sky Man says:

    Drop house all dayyy babeyy

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  1. […] we have to make him the first Featured Artist of the week. Check out Sky Man on FACEBOOK, and his RME PROFILE. Check out his debut video below and check Facebook all week for constant Sky Man […]

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