Red Sox Midseason Grades! (SPOILER: Everyone Gets an F, Especially Me)

– Shane Carley – Sorry for the massive layoff, but I’ve been dealing with a lot of work. And sickness. Did I mention I was sick? Never get shingles. Anyway, it appears that our season has reached the All-Star break, and the Sox are floating along at .500. Are you thrilled and elated? No? Angry … Continue reading

Sorry, No Post This Week, But Daniel Bard Has Been Sent to AAA

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put together a post for this week due to illness. However, news is currently breaking that Daniel Bard has been sent down to AAA. Normally this wouldn’t come as a huge surprise following an outing where he hit two batters and walked six in less than two innings, but the … Continue reading

The Silence on Clay Buchholz Proves How Far the Red Sox Have Fallen

– Shane Carley – Clay Buchholz is as close as you can come to a born-and-raised Red Sox player. He came up through our minor league system. He threw a no-hitter in just his second major league start. He’s already had one season where he received some Cy Young consideration, no matter how slight.  In … Continue reading

David Ortiz: the Leader Boston Needs?

Reports began surfacing today that the Red Sox held a heated players-only meeting in the wake of Josh Beckett’s disastrous start against the Indians in early May. The general gist of these rumors seems to be that David Ortiz called the meeting and demanded better from the pitchers. “Sources” say that the meeting got heated, … Continue reading

The Red Sox are Playing with an “Eff You” Mentality, and This Time That’s a Bad Thing

– Shane Carley – After a week on the road during which they went on a 6-1 tear, the Red Sox promptly followed up with a 1-6 week at home.  27 games into the season, the Red Sox have won exactly four games at Fenway Park. The team is clearly having trouble playing in front … Continue reading

The Red Sox Are a Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma Wrapped in a Bobby V Wrap Sandwich

– Shane Carley – After being obliterated by Texas and playing maybe their worst game of the entire season against the Yankees, the Red Sox season looked pretty bleak just two and a half weeks in.  Bobby V was sounding off about his own players, there was clear and obvious clubhouse dissention, and the starting … Continue reading

Sunday Night Baseball Got Rained Out and That Was the Best Red Sox Game of the Season

– Shane Carley – Sunday Night Baseball was supposed to be the Red Sox / Yankees game this week.  And why not? Sox / Yankees is always a ratings-getter, with everyone in the northeast tuning in to watch two baseball teams that hate each other beat the crap out of each other.  Most of the … Continue reading

Bobby V Is a Blithering Idiot

– Shane Carley – I’ve said from the beginning that I am not a fan of Bobby Valentine. He is an overrated manager who has a compulsive need to make everything about him. He doesn’t know how to manage a bullpen and was run out of the last two towns in which he managed. He … Continue reading

Curt Schilling Tells Bobby V to Go to Hell, Bobby V Tells Curt Schilling to Go to Hell, Terry Francona Tells Everybody to Go to Hell

– Shane Carley – There has been a lot of striking back around the Red Sox organization lately, and, weirdly, most of it seems to be going on outside the clubhouse rather than in it. As the home opener (and Fenway Park 100th anniversary celebration) rapidly approach, the management of the team seems to be … Continue reading

The Ryan Sweeney Bandwagon Is Leaving the Station!

– Shane Carley – Sox get their first win! Aceves gets his first out save! Ryan Sweeney drives in the winning run! The Ryan Sweeney Bandwagon is picking up steam! Hop on before it’s too late! The Sox once again forgot that they’re allowed to score runs before the ninth inning, but I’ll take it, … Continue reading