Sorry, No Post This Week, But Daniel Bard Has Been Sent to AAA

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to put together a post for this week due to illness. However, news is currently breaking that Daniel Bard has been sent down to AAA. Normally this wouldn’t come as a huge surprise following an outing where he hit two batters and walked six in less than two innings, but the … Continue reading

The Silence on Clay Buchholz Proves How Far the Red Sox Have Fallen

– Shane Carley – Clay Buchholz is as close as you can come to a born-and-raised Red Sox player. He came up through our minor league system. He threw a no-hitter in just his second major league start. He’s already had one season where he received some Cy Young consideration, no matter how slight.  In … Continue reading

The Ryan Sweeney Bandwagon Is Leaving the Station!

– Shane Carley – Sox get their first win! Aceves gets his first out save! Ryan Sweeney drives in the winning run! The Ryan Sweeney Bandwagon is picking up steam! Hop on before it’s too late! The Sox once again forgot that they’re allowed to score runs before the ninth inning, but I’ll take it, … Continue reading

Boston Sportswriters Declare the Season Over, So That’s It I Guess

– Shane Carley – Here are some headlines from various Boston publications in the last several days: WEEI: Why Red Sox fans should already be in panic mode Boston Globe: Time to be concerned Boston Globe: Panic button time for Bobby V., Red Sox Boston Herald: Sox setting new standards in bizarre failure CSN New … Continue reading

And the Red Sox Closer Will Be…None of the Options I Listed Yesterday!

– Shane Carley – Yes, the Red Sox have named a closer to fill in for the first few months of the season. Until the U.S.S. Andrew Bailey can finally get out of drydock, your 2012 Boston Red Sox closer will be…Alfredo Aceves. Truth be told, I didn’t think Aceves would enter the mix (obviously, … Continue reading

The U.S.S. Andrew Bailey Has Run Aground

As it turns out, Josh Beckett is not the only Red Sox pitcher to come down with an injury in the final days of spring training. In fact, Beckett isn’t even the only Red Sox pitcher to come down with a THUMB injury in the final days of spring training. And while Beckett may still … Continue reading

Who’s Ready for Opening Day?

– Shane Carley – The answer to the question is not, apparently, Josh Beckett.The only thing surprising about Josh Beckett being injured is that it is not his usual back injury.  This time, Josh has injured his thumb, and he was kind enough to wait until mere days before the opener to do it.  Now, … Continue reading

Red Sox Preseason Roundup

The regular season is right around the corner, and the team has been plying their trade in the preseason. So let’s quickly take stock of how the team has performed so far and make a few notes for the start of the season.Clay Buchholz Has Been Dominant. Buchholz’s health has been a major issue over … Continue reading

Preseason Bobby V-isms!

When the Red Sox brought Bobby V into the clubhouse this offseason, it wasn’t to sit back and be a passive manager like Terry Francona.  It was to light a fire under a team that spend the end of 2011 getting progressively fatter and drunker. Even before he was signed, Bobby V’s bombastic reputation preceded … Continue reading

5 Questions Going Into the Red Sox Season

– Shane Carley – For what feels like the 50th year in a row, the Red Sox will enter the season without an established shortstop locking down the starting job. They’ve got a new manager, a new GM, and mess in the bullpen. For every position filled by a star, there is another position up … Continue reading