Rumors Of Betrayal To Hit The Studio

By Ryan Whitfield      Rumors of Betrayal is hitting the studio in Boston this weekend. So we can expect some new tunes from the boys in the future soon. To keep up with Rumors check them out on FACEBOOK and follow all of their studio pictures on instagram.

Cav Bernah Drops New Track “Holywood Muziq”

By Ryan Whitfield     We have worked with Cav for almost Four years now and every time he drops a new track we are ecstatic. This new track has one of Cav’s catchiest hooks to date. It’s a feel good jam with high energy. Good summer jam to bump with the top down, or … Continue reading

Local Rapper Spotlight: Moufy

By Ryan Whitfield      So lets be real, there probably isn’t a bigger local artist right now than Moufy and his Star Gang. Regardless, we wanted to take a minute to plug the local boy blowing up. Equipped with intricate flow and lyricism Moufy has quickly risen to local music royalty. He is anywhere … Continue reading

Local Record Label We Are Triumphant

By Ryan Whitfield      As we continue our quest to bring together the local music scene I wanted to plug a local Boston based indie Label; We Are Triumphant Records. These guys have had a pretty successful start to their label, and continue to grow. Here’s there bio: In December 2010, We Are Triumphant … Continue reading

New Track From Bigg Dee: “The Way It Go (Ball)”

By Ryan Whitfield      RME’s Bigg Dee has dropped another new track this one titled “The Way It Go (Ball)”. The track is off of the forthcoming second Big Dee mixtape expected to drop on 4/20. The track is energetic and Dee delivers like usual. Peep the track below and check out Bigg Dee … Continue reading

Top Ten Live Rock Performance #2: Pennywise “Bro Hymn”

By Ryan Whitfield      When I lived in L.A. briefly back in 2007 I was lucky enough to go to Warped Tour and to get to experience Pennywise live in So Cal. The chorus in Bro Hymn was built for live performances and it delivered like I couldn’t believe. It truly was like a religious experience, … Continue reading

Top Ten Live Rock Performances #3: Atreyu “You Give Love A Bad Name” Bon Jovi Cover

By Ryan Whitfield     So the countdown is winding down and Atreyu makes their final appearance on the countdown. “You Give Love A Bad Name” is the type of sound that influences this band. 80’s party metal meets my generations sound and it makes you go nuts. This song was the first song I … Continue reading

Tess Dunn Interview

Tess Dunn is an upcoming artist with an inspiring story. A young woman Tess is a gifted songwriter with a huge sound and incredible voice. You can find more out about Tess on . Tess recently took the time to do an interview with us, and we are very grateful. Here it is. Rescue … Continue reading

Top Ten Live Rock Performances #9: Bleeding Through “Love Lost in A Hail of Gunfire”

By Ryan Whitfield     Bleeding Through is the band that I have seen live more than any other. By the end of the Senior Brandan knew me and my friends because we had talked to him so many times after shows, though I never established the relationship with Marta I would still die for. … Continue reading

Noetic J Releases “Whats This World That We Live In”

By Ryan Whitifled     Noetic J is really pushing now. As J continues to grow he is beginning to release songs at a frantic pace. Every song continues to show an improvement and the artistry that he approaches the game with. “Whats This World That We Live In” is another great track from J. … Continue reading