K-Woody New Video “Save The World Tonight”

By Ryan Whitfield      Here is the debut video from RME’s newest artist (official announcement coming in the next few days) K-Woddy. “Save The World Tonight” is my favorite track of K-Woody’s new tape “Liv’n on The Flow”. The video is raw and real just like Woody’s music. Peep it below.

Bombardier To Pilot Tigers Jaw Cover “Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine”

By Ryan Whitfield     Two of the members of Bombardier To Pilot have a video up on their FACEBOOK PAGE of a cover of TIgers Jaw’s “Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine”. As always, it’s fantastic. They guys are quickly becoming my favorite local band. Just Drive Thru records in it’s hay day brining me … Continue reading

The Cave Boys New Video “Makes Me Wonder”

By Ryan Whitfield      This is honestly the most incredible video I’ve seen from a local group. The vision and production could not be better. On top of that the mix of the message in this song with the sampling from Zeppelin and the always great lyricism from this duo were on point. I … Continue reading

Cherry Hill New Music

By Ryan Whitfield      Cherry Hill’s Matt Pro recently sent me a new song from the band. This song is absolutely amazing and expect these guys to come out you with an even more brutal sound. To keep up with the band and their studio updates check out there FACEBOOK.

New Demo From Spirit Bear “New Life”

By Ryan Whitfield     RME’s own Spirit Bear has put out a new demo titled “New Life”. The song starts off with a sort of summer twang and country feel to it. The deepened beginning vocals are engaging but its not until the chorus that the familiar melodic sound that is Spirit Bear comes through. The … Continue reading

Moufy Drops Video For “Star Gang Anthem Part II”

By Ryan Whitfield     Local rising star Moufy has just dropped another video destined to blow up all over New England and beyond. The MC comes at you hard on this anthem, and lets everyone know just how great his life has become and continues to be. Pretty simple video but gets the point … Continue reading

Rumors Of Betrayal To Hit The Studio

By Ryan Whitfield      Rumors of Betrayal is hitting the studio in Boston this weekend. So we can expect some new tunes from the boys in the future soon. To keep up with Rumors check them out on FACEBOOK and follow all of their studio pictures on instagram.

Elyson Update

By Ryan Whitfield      Elyson is the band that we have worked with the longest here at RME. The band recently announced that they are recording three new demos and to keep checking back for more updates. In addition their entire EP is now streaming on their Band Page so make sure you check … Continue reading

Local Band Spotlight: Bombardier To Pilot

By Ryan Whitfield     Man this band is right up my alley. That pop influenced emo band, with strong harmonies, high pitched voices and a band that can bring it in an acoustic setting. Niles Gibbs, guitarist, is also formerly part of RME’s old band Miles Apart, and the kid seems to continue to find great … Continue reading

Top Ten Live Rock Performances #3: Atreyu “You Give Love A Bad Name” Bon Jovi Cover

By Ryan Whitfield     So the countdown is winding down and Atreyu makes their final appearance on the countdown. “You Give Love A Bad Name” is the type of sound that influences this band. 80’s party metal meets my generations sound and it makes you go nuts. This song was the first song I … Continue reading