Bombardier To Pilot Tigers Jaw Cover “Plane vs. Tank vs. Submarine”

By Ryan Whitfield     Two of the members of Bombardier To Pilot have a video up on their FACEBOOK PAGE of a cover of TIgers Jaw’s “Plane Vs. Tank Vs. Submarine”. As always, it’s fantastic. They guys are quickly becoming my favorite local band. Just Drive Thru records in it’s hay day brining me … Continue reading

Bruins Lead Caps 2-1, Consider The Bear Poked

By Ryan Whitfield      This is not some Homer blog article about how big, bad and tough the Bruins are. As Mike Felger would say, this is fact not opinion. It has been proven that teams that go after the Bruins with a taunting disrespectful attitude get theirs in the end. Ask Burroughs and … Continue reading

K Woody Drops “Theraflu” Remix

By Ryan Whitfield      Another great, lyrically insane track from CT’s K Woody. Check the track out on his REVERB NATION page. And be sure to check back here the next few days as there will be a big K Woody announcement coming.

Spirit Bear Releases Video For “Shine”

By Ryan Whitfield      What would Rescue Music be with out Spirit Bear? Probably way more serious, thats why we love having these guys on the roster. Considering I’ve worked my butt off for this site to stay far away from smut peddlers like Barstool Sports it’s nice to have a little comic relief. This is … Continue reading

Sceam Ft. Streets And OD (of the Gemini) “Living a Dream”

By Ryan Whitfield        BBCoalition TV presents us this new video in association with Dezel Headbangerz Artists “Living a Dream”. It’s a dope track and a great video. Check it out below and suscribe to the channel.

Spirit Bear Lost Footage

By Ryan Whitfield     There just almost isn’t words to describe this. Hysterical, uncomfortable, and like a bad car crash you can’t look away. Enjoy or watch in horror.

Sky Man and Dunn Dillinger “The Game Changers”

By Ryan Whitfield      Sky Man and Dunn Dillinger with Let It Drop Music, have now released another track, on their grind, and this one is straight fire. Fast paced lyrics, a full throttle ride and intense track. Listen up and check your boy Sky Man out on FACEBOOK. Look for Sky Man and … Continue reading

K-Woody To Drop New Tape “Livin’ On The Flow” on 4.12.12

By Ryan Whitfield     This is the second time Connecticut rapper K-Woody will be our Local Rap Act of The Week. But he has a tape dropping tomorrow at midnight so everyone check out his FAN PAGE for updates. Other wise check back here tomorrow at midnight for the link. Follow us on Twitter @rescuemusicent

Emo Mondays: Red Jumpsuit Apparatus “Face Down”

By Ryan Whitfield     One of the most over produced, sceneless bands from my day, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus did have this one great track. Many covers and sing alongs to this occurred and is still one of my favorite tracks. Enjoy another Emo Monday here at RME.

The Cave Boys New Video “Makes Me Wonder”

By Ryan Whitfield      This is honestly the most incredible video I’ve seen from a local group. The vision and production could not be better. On top of that the mix of the message in this song with the sampling from Zeppelin and the always great lyricism from this duo were on point. I … Continue reading